Why Worry? Turning concern, doubt and fear into excitement.

You have things you want to do. You carry inside of you dreams and visions of the future. There are so many things you want to accomplish. Stop worrying!

Why aren’t you getting them done?

Chances are, the biggest thing holding you back is the most common complaint people have: they worry. Worry is what shoots down every great idea and finds every worst-case scenario. If there’s a doubt in your head, worry put it there.

It’s time to stop worrying and move on with your life. How?

Visualize the Disaster

Your brain has already come up with the terrible, horrible things sure to happen if you try. Concentrating on the disaster seems the wrong way to deal with things, but consider this: if you can not only see the catastrophe but also visualize yourself handling the crisis and making it through successfully, you’re more likely to succeed when you do finally try. Why? Simple, it’s because you’re already ready for whatever comes next. You’ve prepped yourself, and you know what to do. This feeling of certitude tells worry, “Yes, this can happen, but I’ve got it covered.”

Face the Pain

A lot of why we worry is because we don’t like things which make us feel uncomfortable. For example, we might stop worrying about meeting new people because it will feel awkward, and we won’t know what to say or even how to make ourselves interesting enough that the other person will want to engage in conversation. It already feels like a disaster, and you haven’t even shaken hands yet. Thankfully, the solution is easy. Get used to uncomfortable things. Do things which challenge you, then watch yourself rise to the challenge again and again. When we find out being uncomfortable isn’t the end of the world, and even can be the starting point for something great, we’ll dread it less.

Let it Go

Feeling like your ducks aren’t in a row, or even swimming in the same pond? No problem. Plan what you can and learn to let go of the rest. Worry makes us think we have to have every ‘I’ dotted and every ‘t’ crossed. The opposite is often true. There is such a thing as ‘good enough’ when it comes to planning. In fact, not having everything set in stone means you have room for spontaneity or unforeseen results. Here is generally where the most significant breakthroughs happen.

The thing with worry is sometimes it can even be helpful. By using these techniques, you can use worry as a jumping point to greater things. In the end, the important thing is what you’ve achieved, not how you got there.

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