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How much of a successful life do you want? Sure, everyone wants to be successful, but how many people actually follow through? How many people do what it takes to achieve their life goals? If you really want to soar through life and reach your full potential, you have to unlock the secret sauce to success: momentum.

If you can stay motivated, stay high energy and keep your momentum going you can achieve pretty much whatever you want. Just keep in mind the four fundamental building blocks of keeping up your momentum.

1. Self-confidence

A large component of being successful is believing that you can do it. Self-confidence is essential for staying motivated and bold in going after what you want.

Confidence can be a self-fulfilling prophecy: if you believe in yourself, you will expect to succeed. Conversely, if you have low self-esteem you are more likely to give up easily, maybe at the first setback. A person with high self-confidence sees difficulties as challenges. They use those challenges as motivators to solve problems that would just depress a person less confident.

2. Positivity

Accentuating the positivity is not just for Jiminy Cricket, it can change your future if you let it. Positive thinking is what bolsters self-confidence. Optimists invariably think they can deal with most things, they expect things to go well for them and they are rewarded with success.

You always have a choice to be positive or negative about any situation, no matter how black it might seem. If you struggle with a negative mindset, try challenging those negative thoughts whenever they arise and reframe them as positives. Make it a habit to see the positive side of things.

Stay Focused

It’s easier to keep your momentum going if you have strong, clear goals to focus on. Clarity on where you’re headed and why you’re going there helps you ignore distractions and keep your eye on the main game.

Make your goals concrete, challenging and achievable. If you have a major long-term goal, make it more manageable by chunking it down into smaller intermediate goals. That way you have a clear path with regular milestones that you know you can achieve.

4. Surround Yourself with Support

Don’t underestimate the importance of a motivating environment. You are much more likely to keep your energy and momentum high if you have supportive friends, colleagues, and a great team. Make sure you set some early achievable goals so you can feel the pleasure of success early. There’s nothing more motivating than some quick wins!

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Propel – Harness and Sustain the power of momentum – eBook

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