Quitting your job Audio Book in 10 Chapters

Being unhappy at work is no fun. Constantly dreading your next eight-hour workday or coming home drained and exhausted is not a way to live. If this is the precipice you have found yourself on, think it through before you quit your job.

1. Is This a Continuing Problem?

Job stress often comes in seasons. Admittedly, some seasons last longer than others. However, take stock of how long you have been unhappy at work. If your feelings of unease have only lasted a few weeks or months, consider sticking around to see if things change. Been unhappy for a year or more? Then it may be time to start looking at new jobs.

2. What’s the Cause?

When asking yourself how long you have been unhappy, question the why as well. Is the stress coming from a looming project that has everyone working overtime? Would you like to make more money? Do you dislike your coworkers or team? If it is an issue that will end soon or that you can try to fix, it is probably worth waiting or working on the problem. Make sure you explore all options at your current place of employment before giving up.

3. Do You Dislike Your Boss?

A great boss can make an okay job great. A bad boss can make a good job horrible. If the problem is your supervisor, reflect on why you don’t like them. Do you have conflicting work styles, or do you not gel with their management style? If the answer is yes, you might want to talk to them about ways you can work better together and improve work output. If you feel that your boss is consistently overstepping lines, you might want to go to your Human Resources department. HR personnel is trained to protect the company as well as its employees.

4. What Can You Afford?

No matter your reason for leaving, you need to study two areas of your finances. First, how much do you need to make at your next job? Be sure to know the lowest number you are willing to go as well as the number you would like to have. Second, decide if you need to keep working while looking for a new job or if you can simply quit your job and go without pay for an unspecified amount of time.

5. What Will Make You Happy?  

What do you want to do for a job or a career? Are you unhappy at your current job because of the work environment or do you simply not like the work? Take into consideration how you feel about what you do daily and if a complete change in work would be the answer, not just switching to a different company that does the same thing.

Quitting your job is a major decision. Before making it, stop and reflect on the above questions so you can better judge what to do next.

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