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What do you think is the secret to success? Do you know what it takes to change a habit or build a business? Yes, you need dedication and you need to keep focused, but it may surprise you to hear that the secret sauce comes down to something you may have heard of in high school physics. Momentum. Its about getting momentum in your life!

Momentum, simply expressed, means staying in motion until some external force stops you. It the energy that keeps you moving forward whether that’s on athletics track or reaching your goal.

How can you harness momentum to achieve the success you want in life? Do these five things and you will be well on your way.

1. Start Right Now

This may sound overly simplistic but to gain momentum you have to start. Not when you have that extra degree or when you can afford it. Now.

No matter where you are you can begin your journey to success.

2. Commit to Focusing

Momentum requires a commitment to focusing on doing the work. You need a certain level of productivity to keep you producing and moving forward. Computer scientists call it deep work. You are focused on a point where distractions melt away. All your energy is going into the task in hand.

3. Capitalize on Your Momentum

You may not realize it. but being able to consolidate your achievement is key to building momentum. When you achieve a small goal, you don’t take your foot off the accelerator and chill for a while, you keep going. You lose ten pounds: don’t blow it by getting takeout. You hit a savings goal, don’t ‘reward’ yourself by spending it on a treat.

Every achievement is a steppingstone to bigger success. Celebrate it and use it to accelerate your momentum.

4. Practice Patience

Patience is not valued much in our instant gratification world. But if you want to be successful, you need to be patient. Focus on the small goals, the small successes and use them to keep your motivation and your momentum high.

Don’t get distracted or discouraged by not getting what you want right now. Momentum takes time to build but it will help you coast towards success. You just have to be patient and stay the course!

5. Don’t Get Discouraged

Your road to success is not likely to be straight. There will be setbacks and hard times. It can be tempting to give up. But you need to have the courage to push through the pain, believe in your greater cause and keep building your momentum.

If you’re patient, focused and positive you will win out!

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Propel – Harness and Sustain the power of momentum – eBook

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