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When you feel stuck, it can seem impossible that you can ever get unstuck. Whether your job or career or relationship frustrates you, or you just don’t know which step to take next, it can feel like this is going to last forever. Gaining momentum will help you move away from feeling stuck.

But do not despair! You can use the stuck feeling to propel yourself out of that rut and into a newer better life. You just have to work out how to get yourself gaining momentum again. Here are some expert tips you can lever to break free.

1. Prepare to Walk Away From the Past

Now is the time to be kind to yourself and cut loose from the past. You can choose to let go of whatever is holding you back. Everyone has baggage, everyone has made mistakes. Don’t let the bad things from the past stop you from making a better future.

2. Be Kind to Yourself

Self-compassion is probably one of the most underrated qualities. Stop beating yourself up for being stuck. Stop feeling guilty and forgive yourself for those past mistakes.

Mistakes are only a problem if you can’t learn from them. Accept Past You and Present You, and step into being Future You.

3. What Are Your Life Lessons?

Instead of beating yourself up for being stuck, turn it around and think of what your stuckness is teaching you. The fact that you know you’re stuck tells you that you already know what’s wrong and that it’s time to change something in your life. Listen to your stuckness. What is it telling you to change?

4. Think Big

When you feel stuck your vision shrinks right down to what’s immediately in front of you. Nothing else seems possible. But it is!

Step back and just for a moment, imagine a life full of possibilities. If you were given the chance, what would you do to live your dream life? Now give yourself that chance and step up out of the rut.

5. Acknowledge Where You Are Right Now

Everyone has good times and bad times in their life. Think about where you are in your life’s journey right now. Look back and see where the curve went up, where you were winning at life. And if you feel like you’re in a downturn right now, look down at your feet and imagine the curve going up again, starting now.

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Propel – Harness and Sustain the power of momentum – eBook

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