Propel eBook, Audio Bundle and Workbook - Harnessing and sustaining the power of momentum

Are you as successful as you would like to be? Maybe things were going well, but lately, you’ve fallen into a bit of a slump. Time to start creating momentum…

It’s time to take charge of your future and get some momentum going! Here are some expert tips for creating some momentum in your professional life and supercharging your success.

1. Be Clear on What You Want

There’s no one true path to success that’s right for everyone. If you really want to reach your full potential, you need to ignore what people say is normal. What you need to do to succeed is unique to you. Not everyone needs an MBA or a law degree to get ahead. Maybe your life goal doesn’t need a college degree or isn’t to be found in the corporate world.

Get clarity on what you really want out of life and ignore the rest.

2. Get a Mentor

A mentor can be a powerful way to help smooth your path to success. Choose someone you admire, and in whose footsteps you would like to follow, someone you trust to give you good advice. And remember a mentor is not the same as a cheerleader. Sometimes a mentor will give you advice you might not like. But if you choose wisely, your mentor can give you the advice and support you need,

3. Use Your Time Wisely

Building structure into your day is essential. Schedule your time so that you can accomplish everything you need to do that day. Don’t fritter time away on activities that won’t help you succeed. When you’re at work give it 110%.

4. Embrace Innovation and Don’t Fear Failure

Innovation is what will keep your momentum and motivation high. Flexibility and agility in business will set you apart from the cautious herd.

Fear of risk is damaging to your career. It’s ok to experience setbacks, in fact, it’s the only way to really get ahead. Learn to relish tackling challenges and see how calculated risk can help you to succeed beyond your expectations.

Reframe failure as a learning opportunity and as another steppingstone on your way to achieve your goals.

5. Invest in Your Self

Part of your scheduling should include four key investments. Allow an hour every day for each of the following:

  • Learning and increasing your knowledge
  • Physical self-care and health
  • Networking and building your audience
  • Personal development and self-nurturing through reflection and meditation.

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Propel – Harness and Sustain the power of momentum – eBook

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