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Some things in life take a little bit of time and practice to achieve, but once you achieve them, you’re good to go. An example is riding a bike. You learn and work toward being able to spin the wheels, steer, and brake, and once you master it, you no longer need to practice. Not all things are like this, though. Some things require a consistent effort to reap the benefits. What category do you think inner peace falls under? Easy as riding a bike? Guess again. Cultivating inner peace is like a muscle; you need to be constantly practising it and innovating your approach as life brings you new challenges.  The beauty of cultivating inner peace is that it is found within the practice. No perfection is required. Read on to learn 5 ways you can cultivate inner peace daily.

1. Mediate

It’s time to sit cross-legged and practice your ‘ohms’ because meditation is one of the top “activities” to cultivating peace of mind. But you don’t have to cross your legs and chant for hours at a time! Practicing the simple meditation of paying attention to your breath for 10-15 minutes a day is all it takes to reap the benefits of reduced anger, less reaction to undesired situations, and lower stress levels. In other words: Inner peace.

2. Get outside

It only takes twenty minutes of outdoor time daily to encourage more inner peace. The benefits of spending time outside are two-fold: It calms the left side of the brain that tends to grow restless, and it stimulates the right hemisphere, resulting in greater happiness and peace. Enjoy your time in nature—marvel at birds flying, see deeply the beauty of the flowers, and smile as you watch the clouds float by.

3. Be grateful

Daily gratitude journals are trending for a reason —they really work! Several research studies prove that people who document 2-3 things they’re grateful for every day are much more likely to be positive-minded and less likely to venture down the pathway of pessimism. Inner peace naturally develops when you focus on all the amazing things you have in your life.

4. Spend time with yourself

It’s easy to get caught up in the daily hustle and forget that you’ve had no quiet time to yourself all day. Even spending 10-15 minutes a day with yourself will help you unwind from the stresses and worries from the day. You may choose to read, meditate, or participate in a hobby. Developing inner peace requires alone time for introspection.

5. Practice kindness

Ever heard of loving-kindness? This term is common among yoga and mindfulness practitioners because exercising kindness is part of a life-altering journey towards your own inner peace. It’s not always easy, but it’s an integral part of the daily work that goes into achieving a peace-filled life.

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Achieving Inner Peace Audio Series

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