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Everyone has low energy days or times of the day when it all just seems to be too hard. Maybe you’re working through the holidays or it’s the graveyard shift and your task list looks insurmountable. But keeping your momentum all year long will help you achieve success.

You can take charge of your motivation and keep your energy and your momentum high. Here are a few expert hacks to switch up your schedule, fire up your momentum all year long and start heading for success.

1. Close Down Those Distractions

It’s so easy to fritter away more time than you mean to on your email or social media. If you want to start kicking goals with that project, you need to step away from the distractions and keep those cute dog memes for later.

So, close down your email, turn off notifications. Set aside some time for the fun stuff and get focused on getting achievements under your belt. You will feel a lot better and you can enjoy some guilt-free net surfing later.

2. Keep A Daily Task List

Get into the habit of writing down a simple checklist of the tasks you need to achieve that day. You will feel a great sense of accomplishment as you check off each task, and you will get a lot more done in less time. 

3. Do the Tough Stuff First

It’s easy to let the difficult things slide. That awkward email, tricky conversation, or overdue budget report. But oftentimes it’s the task you dread most that is vital. You will feel a lot better if you get the worst tasks out of the way first thing.

4. Take Regular Breaks

Self-care is vital to keep your momentum going. You need the energy and motivation for the long haul, so be sure to take regular breaks. Try to get up from your desk every half hour or so (a timer can be helpful for this) and don’t eat lunch at your desk! Go out and get some fresh air and have a proper lunch.

5. Make Sure to Exercise

Exercise is really important. It’s not just good for your physical health, you will be much more productive and happier as the blood gets pumped around your body and those endorphins kick in. Regular exercise will help you sleep better and give you much more energy. And it’s fun!

6. Eat for Success

A well-balanced diet has a bigger effect on your chances of success than you might think. Make sure to eat plenty of brain and energy-boosting foods like dark leafy greens, nuts, green tea, fish and fresh fruits. Avoid sugar and caffeine to keep your energy sustained throughout the day.

Maintaining your momentum all year long is important to your success and the good news is that it is achievable!

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Propel – Harness and Sustain the power of momentum – eBook

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