Why Worry? Turning concern, doubt and fear into excitement.

It seems so simple for someone to tell you to ‘stop worrying’ as though it really is as simple a thing as deciding not to worry. Everyone seems to have their own ‘pet’ ways to stop worrying. In truth, worry can be an insidious beast, winding its way through your mind, leaving behind a trail of half-formed anxieties about the future. No one ever wants the beast there, it just is.

It can be stopped, though. But like most creatures we battle, it takes a little cunning, and a dose of conscious effort to do so. Consider these battle plans:

Take a Reality Break

Worry wants you to think every terrible thing in your mind is about to come to pass, right now, in this instant. But is this really true? Take a step back and consider your worries from a more dispassionate view. How many are likely to come true? If they were, would it really be as bad as you’re imagining?

Hone in on the Problem

Worries tend to be big vague things without a lot of real hard facts behind them. For example, if you’re feeling uneasy but can’t put your finger on why you think you’re going to fail, but still feel like everything is about to blow up, it’s time to take a harder look at what’s going on. What are you really worried about? Keep digging until you find the root cause.

Decrease Vulnerability

You’re inclined to worry a lot more when you’re tired or hungry. That’s because you’re more vulnerable to negative thoughts when you’re not at your best. By paying attention to your body’s needs, you’ll find you worry a lot less and can manage it better when you do.

Quit Trying to Read Minds

If your worries are about what someone else is thinking, you’re just wasting your time. There is no way to know what’s on someone else’s mind unless you ask them. Why not sit down and have an honest conversation instead.

Get Some Exercise

Studies have shown that physical activity has a way of sharpening your focus. As an added benefit, you’ll have a chance to use up some of the adrenaline worries builds up in your system. A win-win!

Let it Go

Worry is amplified the more you keep it in your head. Try talking to a friend or journaling about your concerns. Just letting it out tends to make worries dissipate if not disappear entirely.

Worry doesn’t have to be the monster in your head. These 6 suggestions above are ways to stop worrying. Isn’t it time you lived your life instead of wasting time worrying?

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