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There are many definitions of “Self Help” but they all include the process of improving yourself by your own means and methods. For example self help is the action or process of bettering yourself or overcoming your problems without the aid of others including the coping with your personal or emotional problems without professional help.

Any journey of self help is difficult to start, difficult to take that first action as it may seem like a daunting task. But quoting (or slightly misquoting) an old Chinese proverb, “every long journey begins with the first small step”. Lets make small changes in the first instance to give confidence for bigger changes at a later date. Start now, take action! Don’t fall into the trap of putting some things off until tomorrow that could be actioned today.

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Self Help digital products are excellent sources of knowledge as they bring information, sometime presented in a complex manner, from scientific and educational organizations to the general public. This makes them powerful tools of self-empowerment. When people read these books they can make a real difference in their lives—but once they have to take what they learned and apply it to their life, most people fall short.

Sometimes, therefore, Self-Help books may not work. You must be the one who takes responsibility for your current state and implement changes in your life. You need to decide how the concepts you read about will work given your circumstances and surroundings. The Self Help eBook can change your perspective, but you must change your life.

Getting results from eBooks

The key to making changes for the better, to improve your inner self, is to take action and the best time to start is now. The motto is, Take Action, Start Now! Using the tried and tested process of Observe, Plan, Do, Reflect, Act/Adjust, follow these four actions:

1. Observe

Rather than reading a whole book and then having nothing to show for it, underline and highlight things that jump out while you’re reading the book, then go back and write bullet points of the most important lessons in each chapter. These notes should be in your own words and they will provide you with a cheat sheet to view later when you want to remember main lessons from the book.

2. Plan

Take your notes and then make a plan of how to implement small changes into your life. Small changes or continuous improvement have a greater change of successful change than the ‘big bang’ or ‘all or nothing’ approach. Write the ways in which the knowledge you gained impacts your life on a day-to-day basis and look for ways to make changes. Therefore, try to be realistic in your approach—don’t bite off more than you can chew.

3. Do

Most people fail to benefit from self-help books because they don’t make any changes after being exposed to new information. What you’re used to, no matter how destructive, is easier to maintain than creating new behaviors which requires far more effort and vulnerability. Don’t be like most people—make the conscious decision to take action and use what you learn to improve your life. The motto is, Take Action, Start Now!

4. Reflect

After taking action, let’s look back and see what we’ve done and what has been achieved. Part of improving yourself and achieving your goals is holding yourself accountable for your actions. If you fail to implement a change don’t beat yourself up, just adjust your plan and make it more realistic. In other words, reward yourself each time you rise to the occasion and celebrate each successful attempt at creating new patterns.

5. Adjust

A great way to crystalize your knowledge is to share it with others. Rephrasing what you know and then publicizing it gives you a public record of your thoughts and can highlight areas where you still need growth. Talking over these changes with a counselor or therapist is a great way to jump-start your journey towards success. Once you feel comfortable talking about your changes on a one-to-one basis, speaking to others about your journey of self-development could inspire them on to their own journey of self help. Be the spark that sets the world ablaze with the passion needed to create positive change.

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Tirglas offers high-quality personal development eBooks, video, audios, inspiring self-help training programmes and other digital products. The best time to start a self-help personal development programme was probably some time ago. The next best time is right now!

The Kaizen approach to self- improvement is a lifelong journey. It requires a mindset of self-analysis, recognition and acknowledgement of bad habits, a desire for personal growth. Also and most importantly, it requires action in a positive direction. So why not start today by doing what is necessary and then move to do what is possible. Your own success story starts now, begin your journey of personal development.