Gift of Gratitude - Thankfulness and gratefulness

Gratitude is the feeling of thankfulness or appreciation we feel when someone does us a kindness or when something good happens in our lives. However, there are so many powerful benefits of gratitude that it should not be left to chance occurrences.

You can actually harness the power of gratitude by simply practicing it on a daily basis. These benefits can affect every aspect of your life and therefore, be dramatically transformative. Here are just 6 of the many surprising benefits that gratitude can help you enjoy.

Improve And Strengthen Your Relationships

When you feel and express gratitude and appreciation for the closest people in your life, those bonds will be dramatically strengthened. We tend to take our loved ones for granted but stopping to reflect on what our lives would be like without them jolts us into gratitude.

Be thankful for your loved ones every day. Be thankful; that they are healthy and happy. Nothing else really matters.

A study published in The Journal of Theoretical Social Psychology found that mutual gratitude between partners improved closeness and happiness and trust in the relationship. Shared gratitude creates a stronger bond and increases the feeling of “oneness”, especially in the face of adversity and hardship.

Improves Self-Esteem And Health Consciousness

Another study in The Journal Personality and Individual Differences asked participants to practice gratitude for their health and personal wellbeing.

Researchers found that participants’ behavior became more health-conscious, where they chose to eat healthier, exercise more regularly and go for regular medical checkups.

Valuing health and wellbeing in turn boosts feelings of self-worth and self-esteem.

Teaches Patience And Acceptance

Being grateful for what we have already made us less driven to pursue what we don’t have through rash decision-making or unethical behaving.

When we are perpetually, grateful, we are more accepting of whatever life brings us and take the time to pursue our goals with clear thinking and honesty.

Researchers at Northwestern University have confirmed this. Their study found that people who were more grateful for small, everyday things made more rational and sensible decisions compared to those who did not practice gratitude on a daily basis.

Can Promote Better Sleep

Taking a few moments before bed to reflect on your blessings can help you sleep longer and better. This is because gratitude fills your brain with positive and relaxing thoughts.

 Gratefulness is also a super stress-buster and as we all know, stress is one of the main factors that keep us tossing and turning at night.

These facts are again, scientifically-backed by a study published in The Journal of Psychosomatic Research. The study found that grateful people tended to enjoy better quality sleep, and to sleep better for longer periods.

Can Alleviate Depression

Cognitive scientists and psychologists have conductive various experiments using the “three good things” exercise. Participants are asked to reflect on three good things or happy moments that they experience each day.

The results showed that this exercise helped alleviate depression and increase overall happiness in as little as two weeks.

Builds Lasting  Happiness

Many things can bring us happiness but that happiness is usually fleeting. Gratitude can build lasting happiness because it stems from inner peace and   tranquility that nothing else can bring. When you are constantly grateful, you stop regretting the past or worrying about the future. You accept life as it is and appreciate the abundance it has given you.

This is the lasting and deep sense of calm and inner joy that we all seek,


Don’t let gratitude be a random response to a random act of kindness or a random happy moment. Reflect on the six benefits of gratitude discussed here and imagine how that can transform your mindset you’re your life,

Make it your priority to adopt and practice gratitude as part of your day-to-day routine and start your transformation!

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