Being your true self for some people is a lifetime of self-exploration. With these three secrets become your true self soon

When you connect with your inner child, you also heal wounds from the past, which allows you to be closer to your true self.

The top things you can learn from connecting with your inner child are the following:

Connect to your Inner Child

  • There is no such thing as failures, only experiences. The best way to experience life is through play.
  • It doesn’t matter what others think. If you want to scream, scream; considering dancing in public, then dance in public; if you want to sing when you eat, sing when you eat.
  • Love is unconditional. I love my parents no matter what or who they are, from the moment I am born.
  • I live in the present moment. When I am hungry, you’ll know it; now I am happy, you’ll know it; When I am calm, you’ll know it. I am not afraid to express how I feel. 
  • It’s easy to forgive others; you just have to show compassion and move on.

There are different ways you can connect with your inner child. The easiest one is true play. Take the time to play again. Why not do the things you love doing as a child, like coloring, building forts, or even biking.

Discover Learn Explore

Another way is to discover, learn, or explore. Kids love to learn new things, but also, they are comfortable with making mistakes. Allow yourself to try something new and be comfortable not being good at it. Don’t be afraid to be vulnerable and do what your heart tells you to do, no matter what others may think. Finally, we can connect with our inner child through meditation. We can intentionally imagine that we are meeting our inner child. If meditation is difficult for you, you can also write your inner child a letter. Tell him or her how much you love them and what you appreciate of him or her. Don’t forget to express your unconditional love and how you will always be there for them. Your inner child is always part of you, but for so long, we learn to ignore it or even shame the emotions that are linked to our inner child. By reconnecting with your inner child, you are allowing yourself to reconnect with a part of yourself and, most likely, the part that embraces your authenticity

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