Working from home - tips to maximize productivity and well-being

eBook, Audio Series, Workbook

The Work from Home Professional: The full product contains an eBook, a six chapter mp3 audio series and a Workbook.

  1. eBook –  A 26 page (6500 word) guide that teaches people about all things “working from home”. It shares the benefits as well as the pitfalls. The bulk of the eBook are tips and tricks on setting up the right atmosphere, and maximizing your productivity while home.
  2. Audio Series – A 6 chapter mp3 Audio Series. Length (in total for 6 chapters) : ~31 mins
  3. Workbook – This bonus workbook includes a system of exercises designed to help anyone put the info from the above eBook into action

Chapters in the eBook and Audio Series include,

  • Introduction
  • The Benefits Of Working From Home
  • The Pitfalls Of Working From Home
  • The Work From Home Atmosphere
  • Work From Home Productivity
  • Conclusion

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