Why Worry? Turning concern, doubt and fear into excitement.

A little nervousness can be a good thing. Worry can bring out our best. It becomes the impetus to new action. It helps us to plan for contingencies and even keeps us aware of how we present ourselves to the world. Unfortunately, worry can become a stumbling block just as quickly. When you find worry is keeping you from action, you have a problem. The trick is to keep things balanced and get worry under control so you can start living your life the way it’s meant to be lived.

With this in mind, try these tips to help this happen:

Look for Solutions, not Problems

Worry doesn’t have to become the endpoint of your thought process. Rather than getting stuck on the worry, look for the solutions. This might be an excellent place to Revisit History, as mentioned below.

Be Willing to Take Risks

Worry keeps us stuck in place, unwilling to try new things. But not every risk has to be a bad idea. There comes a time when you need to lay worry aside, and act. Especially if you’ve been using worry to help you work out the details of the task beforehand. You’re probably more ready than you think. Be brave enough to jump!

Revisit History

You’ve been here before. Of course, the problem you’re facing might be brand new, but your reaction doesn’t have to be. You’ve solved problems before. You will do so again. Ask yourself what you’ve done before in similar situations. Brainstorm possible solutions rather than focusing on the worry.

Check Your Self-Talk

Worry is a constant stream of negativity in your mind. It’s time to put the brakes on this kind of constant criticism. Whenever you catch yourself in a negative thought, clamp it down and instead ask yourself to find a more positive way to reflect upon the situation.

Ignore What Other People Say

There will always be someone ready to bring you down. You only need to post on Twitter or Facebook to find this out. Worry about what other people are going to think is never productive. There comes a time when you really have to stop caring what other people think.

Remember the Best Things Happen with Hard Work

The easy things are very rarely the best solutions. Ask any kid who thought a quick fix would be enough to keep their mom finding out about something they broke. The true solutions are always going to take some digging in. With this in mind, remember to get worry under control isn’t going to be easy. You need to put in the effort to address your thoughts, then follow through on the plans you make to lay worry to rest once and for all.

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