Being your true self for some people is a lifetime of self-exploration. With these three secrets become your true self soon

Being true to yourself means that you behave and communicate in complete integrity with your belief, values, and, most of all, with what feels right in your heart. Not living your true self will have negative effects on you sooner or later. When there is an alignment with your inner self (emotions, states, and desires) and outer self (behaviors, communication, and relationships), you are the best version of yourself.

True Self at Work

Here are a few signs that indicate you are not living your true self at work:

  • You are not satisfied with your employment or professional life
  • Work colleagues are difficult to get along with and you get in conflict with them quite often.
  • You are not comfortable with your abilities and feel the constant need to reinvent your skills.
  • You feel you are not contributing to this world in a fulfilling way.
  • Given the opportunity, you would change your job without looking back

Romantic Relationships

Now let’s take a look at the signs that show you are probably not being yourself in a romantic relationship:

  • You are unhappy with your love situation
  • Not feeling love for who you truly are
  • You feel like your partner doesn’t know you or doesn’t try to know you
  • Your needs are not met in your love relationship
  • You are dependent on your romantic partner (emotionally or physically)

We also tend to wear a mask around our friends or family. For instance, here are a few signs that it is also your case:

  • You don’t feel close to your family
  • You feel like you can’t be yourself with your family
  • Most of your experience with your family is negative
  • You don’t feel supported by your family
  • The balance between give and take is nonexistent with most of your friends
  • You don’t really have healthy boundaries with your friends
  • You are uncomfortable saying “no” to friends or family

Now let’s take a look at the signs that you are not being honest with yourself and don’t explore your true self:

  • You are uncomfortable in your own skin, and have a hard time being by yourself
  • You have more negative things to say about your physical body than positive
  • Your self-talk is almost like listening to a conversation between you and your nemesis
  • You can feel very uncomfortable when someone compliments you or offer to help you
  • You are unable to list five qualities of yours right now

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