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According to the latest research, perfectionism is spreading like wildfire among young people. Scientists refer to it as a hidden epidemic. Studies have shown links between the desire to be perfect and anxiety, depression, and even suicide. In these cases, perfectionism is holding you back.

Do you focus on the smallest details and double check everything, but you’re never satisfied? Believe it or not, your perfectionism may be holding you back. It not only harms your health, but it can also ruin your chances.

Perfectionism and Stress Go Hand in Hand

The stronger your desire to make everything perfect, the higher your stress levels. Perfectionism leads to stress and burnout, draining your energy.

Perfectionism Fuels Procrastination

Many times, we’re unable to finish a project because it fails to meet our expectations. However, there is no such thing as perfection. If that’s what you expect, you’ll never get things done.

It Hinders Your Relationships

Nobody wants to work with someone whose hopes are sky high. In general, perfectionists put a lot of pressure on their peers and find it hard to delegate. This problem affects their relationships with others and makes teamwork difficult.

It Impedes Personal Development

Those who strive for perfection tend to fear failure and criticism. This fear stops people from growing and learning valuable lessons.

Perfectionists Don’t Appreciate the Journey

No matter how hard you try, things will never be perfect. However, if perfection is your end goal, you’ll have a hard time finding happiness. Often, those who have this mindset live in a constant state of dissatisfaction.

It Affects Productivity

Perfectionists spend hours on the smallest tasks. Since they’re never satisfied with results, they waste precious time on every project they start. This habit affects your productivity and stalls their progress.

It Causes Fear

The fear of failure is a common trait among perfectionists. Sometimes, failure is more beneficial than success. However, it can teach us important lessons and keep us from making costly mistakes later on.

Perfectionism Hurts Your Creativity

Most perfectionists have a fixed mindset. They find it difficult to adapt to new situations and embrace change. They rarely accept any new ideas or try new ways to approach issues. This reluctance limits their ability to learn, innovate, and find solutions. Perfectionism is the biggest enemy of creativity.

The only way to overcome these barriers is to change your mindset. However, begin setting more realistic goals, relax your standards, and embrace your weaknesses. The satisfaction of getting things done makes it worth the effort.

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