Why Worry? Turning concern, doubt and fear into excitement.

You have a busy life with lots to do. We all do. But like the rest of us, you might be feeling like you’re really not doing the things you want to and wish you could put worry to rest. Most of what holds us back can be traced back to one simple thing: Worry. We start to doubt our abilities or forecast adverse outcomes every time we set out to try something new. After a while, we find we’re sticking only to what we know to be absolutely safe and are really not living at all.

There are ways to deal with worry, though, which will not only put those anxious feelings to rest but open you up to really living. Read on to find out how:

Use the Worry

When we get caught up in a worry cycle, physical things happen to our bodies. You might have noticed these before: increased heart rate, a feeling of your mind racing, even cold sweats, or a churning stomach. Most of these are caused by adrenaline, which accompanies worry. The trick is to use the adrenaline instead of fighting it. When you start to feel this way, it’s time to dive into action.

Reword the Problem

You’re worried. It’s ok but using those words can really derail your thinking. Try saying, “I’m excited” instead. By rephrasing the problem, you’ll find yourself feeling more positive and ready to get started on the next task.

Accept the Worry

Sometimes, all you need to put things back in perspective is just to remind yourself worry is normal and nothing to be afraid of. Everyone worries sometimes.

Use the Worry

Sometimes worry becomes a motivator. Worried about finances? Maybe you’ll be more apt to put something in your savings account out of each paycheck. Ask yourself what’s a positive action you can funnel the worry into.

Define the Terms

Are you really worried, or is something else going on? Sometimes worry is a mask for deep anxiety, which needs to be addressed differently. A visit to a doctor or a talk with a counselor might be necessary to get you back on track.

Ask What’s Really Going On

Worry frequently crops up when you’re not feeling sure of something you’re doing. What is really the issue here? For example, if you’re worried about your health, what actions can you take to improve the situation?

Hit the Reset Button

Maybe it’s just time to draw back and become grounded again. Use worry as a signal it’s time to take a few deep breaths or even a step back. A few minutes of meditation or practicing mindfulness can be very helpful in getting back on track.

Worry doesn’t have to be a signal to stop what you’re doing. Acting proactively when you feel worried is the key to getting yourself back on track again and putting worry to rest. Isn’t it time to really live?

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