Staying connected with people through technology

Today’s world is smaller and more intimate than at any time in history. Even if you aren’t the type of person who embraces change, you probably recognize that it’s easier to stay in contact with loved ones than ever before. Anyone can just hop on a video call and get some face time with friends or family. If you want to get more comfortable and stay connected with technology, then follow these 9 tips.

1. Choose the Right Software

The first step is choosing what software you will use to stay connected. You will want to choose one that everyone has access to and is easy to use. Quite often this step won’t be up to you, because the people you are connecting with will have made the choice for you. Just ensure you have the right program installed in this case.

2. Learn the Software

Whatever software you use will come with a bit of a learning curve. Most programs will have easy to follow tutorials on their website or built right into the software. You can also look online for further instruction or ask a loved one to help.

3. Practice Makes Perfect

I have done hundreds of video calls and I still don’t feel totally comfortable on them. You won’t be able to get comfortable using the tech, until you actually do it. Take every opportunity you can to hop on a video call, so it becomes second nature.

4. Remember You Are on Camera

If you are doing a video call with friends, don’t forget you are on camera. If you do something, people will see it. If you say something, people will hear it. This might seem obvious, but you’d be surprised the amount of times I have been on video calls when someone is noisily eating a sandwich or has something risqué on a shelf in the background.

5. Make Sure You Feel Comfortable

If you don’t feel comfortable, you won’t seem comfortable. Ensure that you have a comfortable seating arrangement and comfy clothes. This way you won’t be fidgeting as much, and you can settle down and just enjoy the call.

6. Check Your Volume

The number one annoyance when it comes to video calls are volume issues. Check your volume before you get on the call. Too low and no one will hear you, too loud and you risk feedback and echoing. You also want to be aware of the ambient noise in whatever room you are in.

7. Check Your Lighting

This isn’t a major issue, but bad lighting can negatively impact video calls. You don’t need a pro lighting rig or anything. Just make sure there is enough light to see you, but not so much that you are shining like a deity.

8. Set Healthy Boundaries

Video calls aren’t everyone’s cup of tea so don’t feel bad if you feel burned out with them. Set boundaries and let people know when you are comfortable with a call. You don’t have to accept every video chat request and people need to respect that.

9. Respect Other’s Boundaries

You also need to respect the boundaries of others. So often I have had people video call me out of the blue and keep trying when I didn’t answer. Don’t be that person. People have busy lives and they might not be able to hop on camera in a moment’s notice.

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