MicroHabits is a report teaching the power of incremental change, and how they can tap into that power to change their lives

There’s just something about the tactile experience of kicking habits old school and writing down tasks and goals. Research proves that the tactile experience of writing things down helps us remember things better. Another benefit of using paper and your favorite writing implement is that you can organize things in exactly the way you want them.

There are a ton of ways to use the popular bullet journal, as can be evidenced by searching for the term online. It can be as pretty and creative as you want. But the real gold in the bullet journaling process is including anything and everything you want or need to remember — everything from work-related projects to family birthdays to goal setting. And yes, tracking your micro-habits.

If you’ve ever downloaded a tracking app, you may have found how easy it is to forget all about entering your details at the end of the day. Out of sight, out of mind. But by including tracking pages in your bullet journal, you’ll be reminded to take action on them multiple times a day. As you thumb through to review your tasks for the day, you’ll see the tracking page for drinking water, exercising or any other micro-habit you are working on building into your life. This constant reminding will make success much easier.

And who wants an app for every micro-habit you are working on building into your daily life? By using a bullet journal, you can design the way you track your habits any way you want. After all, what is intuitive for one person isn’t for another. You never need to worry about a bullet journal having a user-friendly interface because you are the one who designs it.

All in one place you can see laid out in an attractive visual, all the micro-habits you are working on. You can combine all of them on one page or track each micro-habit separately. No app can do that.

So, what are some common micro-habits people track in their bullet journals? Here are a few to get you thinking about all the ways you could utilize this old school method:

  • Played with your kids
  • Went to bed on time
  • 20 minute “no screen time” before bed
  • No snooze alarm in the morning
  • Dish-free sink
  • No soda
  • 10,000 steps
  • Flossed teeth
  • Gossip-free day
  • Finished to-do list
  • No social media at work
  • 8 glasses of water
  • 5 fruits & vegetables
  • Ate at home

There’s nothing you can’t track with a bullet journal and tracking habits old school. So if you’ve been looking for one tracking app to rule them all, consider creating your very own via a bullet journal. Problem solved.

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